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Why are women at a higher risk of leukemia after breast cancer treatment?

Breast Cancer Authority

leukemia after breast cancer treatmentResearchers have been trying to determine ways to prevent the complications in the breast cancer survivors to reduce the occurrence of a relapse. The breast cancer treatments that include radiation therapy and chemotherapy target the malignant cells in the breast tissues and destroy them.

However, these treatments also affect the healthy cells, which results in an increase in the risk of leukemia in the future, the researchers said. They are conducting studies to determine the factors that may cause an increased risk of leukemia after breast cancer treatment.

The possible factors that are believed to contribute to the risk of secondary malignancy are the family history of cancer and an inherited gene mutation.

The research involved a follow-up of 88 breast cancer survivors who were treated for breast cancer and developed leukemia at a later stage. It was found that the women had a family history of cancer, which suggested…

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Breast Cancer: Guidelines For Buying Safe Supplements and Herbs

Breast Cancer Authority

Breast Cancer How To Guide For Buying SupplementsBy: Rachel Pappas, Breast Cancer Survivor and Founder of

If your doctors are trained in conventional medicine, and you ask them about supplements and herbs, they may tell you there isn’t enough research to back that they have health benefits – and may even tell you they are unsafe. But the fact is, there is plenty of research to show that botanical, fungal, pre- and probiotic, and micronutrient-based supplements, have multiple health benefits—from boosting the immune system to fighting cancer-promoting inflammation. Some have even been proven to cause cancer cell death. They come mainly from plant-based foods, and are important, as most of us do not get enough of these nutrients from food.

As far as the safety issue, it is true: there are no guarantees that a supplement is all it is claimed to be, as they are not FDA-approved. Though the supplement and herb industry is…

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How To Begin A Yoga Practice For Breast Cancer

Wonderful article !

Breast Cancer Authority

Diana Ross Founder of Breast Cancer YogaAuthor: Diana Ross, E-RYT 500, Posted By:Breast Cancer Yoga Staff.

Where do I start?   What do I need to know to begin a yoga practice? One day at a time is where you start so not to set yourself up for failure. Start simple and small so a positive tone for each day is encouraged and then re-enforced. Find a reputable yoga teacher that specializes in breast cancer recovery or some great well recommended DVDs.

Now let’s begin:

  • Set a specific time each day (preferably mornings)  Begin with consistency.
  • Brush and floss your teeth, empty your bladder, and begin on an empty stomach
  • Find a quiet and well ventilated space. This space will become your sacred space for healing.
  • Dress comfortably; no belts and tight jeans
  • Play music that is soothing or maintain silence
  • Adjust the lighting to be soft or enjoy the natural sunlight
  • Create a…

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Für ein besseres Leben / For a better life

Dearest Su, you are such a beautiful and strong young woman. A inspiration. You and I know that one of the most important things is to keep up our positive attitude. Sending you strength and healing thoughts to make sure that you WILL get through all to come. Our life is like a diamond, a diamond is not very beautiful when it is found, then it is buffed, polished , sanded and cut, over and over again…..the result is something very beautiful and strong. And you dear Su are a diamond. Sending you love and strength, Mo



Diagnose Leben


Dass ich ein Jahr später nach meiner Diagnose mich auf den Weg zum Friedhof machen werde hätte ich damals nicht gedacht. Es ist nicht meine Beerdigung, sondern Kerstins.

Es macht mich traurig, wenn ich daran denke, dass ich sie nur noch auf dem Friedhof besuchen kann. Andererseits sind wir so immer draußen, schnappen frische Luft, können die Sonnenstrahlen genießen,wenn wir uns treffen.

Der Tod, für viele ein Tabuthema. Für mich Realität. Erst gestern bekam ich einen Anruf von meiner Ärztin “Es wird ein Kopf MRT empfohlen, da Sie über Kopfschmerzen klagen”. Mein Herz rutschte mir in die Hose und ich fragte mich, ob ich die nächste sei.

Das weiß ich nicht, das weiß niemand. Und wenn ich so drüber nachdenke, über den Tod, um so weniger Angst habe ich davor. Mir würden eher viel mehr Dinge fehlen, die ich dann nicht mehr machen könnte. Wie z.B. snowboarden was ich nun…

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Vitamin D And Cancer

Ich selber nehme hochdosierten Vitamin D3 . Wir können nur immer mehr lernen und versuchen.

Breast Cancer Authority

Learn About Vitamin D and CancerBy: Rachel Pappas, Breast Cancer Survivor, Founder of and the Author of Hopping Roller Coasters.

If your Vitamin D level is at least 30 ng/ml at the time of your cancer diagnosis, you double your chance for long-term survival, according to a Canadian study, and other studies have similar findings.

But even if your blood level was lower, or you don’t know what it was when you first learned you had this illness, ensuring optimal Vitamin D moving forward will only help you;  it’s been shown to promote cancer cell death.

“If you have cancer, your Vitamin D should be at least 30 ng/ml, but I recommend no less than 60 to increase your chance for long-term survival,” said Cedric Garland, PhD, a professor at the University of  California School of Medicine, San Diego, and the first researcher to link Vitamin D and cancer. His studies date…

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